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It’s with great reluctance, having just bought a bike, I've come to the decision that Ive got to pass my car on. Theres just under 120,000 on the clock although I had a lot of work done on it less than 4,000 miles ago. Including replacement engine with the piper 270 cams fitted with the big cam belt service done at the same time. So engine is good to go for a long time!!

It’s also had a brand new lightweight flywheel (from Eks on XPF), along with a new clutch and a brand new Torsen type B diff with steel caged bearings. Which totally transformed the car the lightweight flywheel and diff are awesome mods.

Since then I have fitted a set of Brembo callipers, braided hoses with new 326mm discs which are HUGH!! The kit was supplied by the guys over on Rovertech, the Brembo’s were fully refurbished with new seals and painted before fitting.

Since the engine change Ive given the car a fully service with new, Plugs, Motul 300v oil and done the filters. There’s an oil catch tank fitted to stop oil vapours getting in to the manifold. The car has been running sweet since the engine change it flew through the last years MOT with just a slight blow on exhaust that was fixed the following week.

Vis motors are fully operational as shown by the way the car pulls and echoed by the VIS indicator fitted.

It’s got a decat fitted and a Piper howler cat back system which sounds so addictive Ive often driven with the window open on rainy days. In the last few months Ive recently replaced all the induction piping for silicon and alloy bends giving the engine bay some bling.

Couple of bad points as every car has them! Wheels could do with a refurb as it seems my parking is not as good as I thought! Wipers are noisy think the motor arms need greasing and the bulb has gone on the fuel gauge. May get round to fixing these before its sold.

Im only the second owner the first being a previous forum member. This car has had a fortune spent on it and apart from stone chips on the front you’d have no idea of the mileage its covered as most bits have been repaced!

Have just had it MOT’d today and again it passed just needing a new tyre which I will fit this week.

With the mods its a quick car that is great fun to drive, although as 90% of my driving is done in traffic Im swapping for a motorbike so I can filter through but I know that im seriously gonna miss the car. :(

Tax: 6 months - 1/3/2012
MOT: 1 Year - 22/9/2012

Im after £3500 and in no hurry to sell.

Full Spec
piper 270 cams and verniers
inner wing filter
piper exhaust
lightweight flywheel

Torsen type B diff
Brembo 326mm Discs
braided hoses
team dynamic pro race 1.2s (fronts are scuffed)

Vis Indicators (very handy mod)
Oil Catch tank
Tinted windows
Tinted Rear lights
HIDs in dipped and main beam.
Pioneer Head unit with ipod connectivity
Rainbow SAX components in front.
New xpower badges

There is a build thread here for people to look through the history of all the work Ive had done

Will update with more pics later in the week
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