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Bought from a former member on - with threads over there all about it - it's a 2006 "06" - 115+ Diesel, with the full 180 kit in Ignition Blue. Nearly 48K. Currently on a private plate so when a deposit taken it'll take approx 2 weeks to get back onto the 06. It had a decent service history before my ownership. Standard equipment includes climate control and rear sensors.

Tax is 130 a year and you won't need any until April 2012.

Since buying it at the end of January this year, I have done the following -

Mechanical -
New Maf
Full service including changing the belts
RR tune and garage fitted the following mechanical performance mods
SDis - Stainless Decat - EGR blanked - KN panel filter - RR print of 151 bhp - See the thread for dets and I've got everything in the shed if you want to put it back to standard. Still returns 45 mpg in current state of tune.
4 new tyres - They were required for MOT - (April). They are premium budgets, but I'll be honest, not the best in the wet.
Blue silicone Roose Motorsport hoses

Full leather sport interior fitted
TF wheel - Horn's not working though so will supply the ZS wheel.
Pioneer Blu Tooth head unit with single CD and front USB

Condition -
As per the photos - so nice - and a few of the guys have seen it in the flesh. Up close - it has some stone chips to the front and a car park dink or two.

Issues -
EML is on as the EGR is blanked.
Airbag light is on. This came on when I swapped the interior. Not sure if the issue is with the seats and their airbags, or the TF wheel.
Very slight damage to the rear bumper.
Stone chip centre windscreen in front of the driver.

Why sell - Good point - Kinda half hearted if I'm honest - and in no rush whatsoever - but I honestly feel lazy in the car now and simply fancy a cumfy auto.

Here she is -

Price - £4000 -

Yes I know it's top dollar, but it's a good one and you know they are as rare as hen's teeth to find and cheap as chips to run - maintain - fix - insure and tax. This has all of the common mods you would consider doing already with the standard stuff to put back if you want. The only other thing to do would perhaps be a remap. With that, you'd likely see 160+ bhp and even better fuel economy !

Like I said - I'm in no rush.

I MIGHT take a V6 as px simply to help a deal go through, but my preference by far is a cash sale so you won't get a lot for it as their values are on the floor just now - but please-please-please, don't that personally guys.
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