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My MG is bigger than yours?

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10 wheels - V10 turbo - now we're smoking! WSR have produced a great looking truck though! Attached for test purposes! :D


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lol they r pretty groovy trucks, and yes your MG is bigger :( lol
Hmmm....I see they have removed the IVECO (Industrial VEhicle CO) badges.
Nice piece of history attached to them, as they were initially the Ford SuperCargo, and a basically British design being turned out at the now-closed Langley plant, but now built at Bressica, Italy.
IVECO ? British design ? They look like DAF-trucks to me. And you know where they come from ;)

But I could be wrong tho, would not be the first time.

Very handsome looking trucks indeed. Pity that they couldn't have been a tad more "patriotic" and chosen a Foden Alpha or ERF ECS. Still, I reckon you could fit a couple of Seddon Atkinson radiators to them... if Sed-Atki is still on the go, that is.
Seddon Atkinson, themselves part of IVECO, still exist at the woodstock works, Oldham. Although a truck range is offered, (Based on the IVECO range) nowadays most of the output is chassis/cabs for municipal vehicles.
Foden now exist in badge only on DAF's, made at the former Leyland works, after Leyland Daf were taken over by Foden's owners, Paccar. The New DAF C45 7.5t is itself basically a rebadged Renault Midlum, and some Izuzu models are assembled there also.
ERF were sold by Canada's Western Star to MAN (Mashinfabrik Augsburg Nurnberg) who closed the Sandbach plant. A smaller assy. building was opened in Middlewich.
All ERF's are now rebaged MAN's.

That "big A" grille would certainly fit on those, and look most handsome, too.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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