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my cleaned ZR

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what do you think?

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Very nice. Cracking looking cars those ZR's :). Really liked the engine bay colour of the piping against the blue body work.
thank's friends, i'm an italian people and my zr is a diesel with now 160 hp, and very original x power parts... see this:


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i have send other photos but i don't see this.
Very nice. Are the MG's a rare car in Italy ?

Very nice :)
Very nice. Are the MG's a rare car in Italy ?

yes very rare
Still looking mean :)
Still looming good.

We have been to Italy 3 times in our MGF, I think we have only seen 1 other while there. Where in Italy are you?
Southern Italy
We got as far as Naples.

You sure do know how to look after an MG :)

Nice work
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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