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Just spent a leisurely hour in this morning's bright sunshine cleaning the rear and front windscreens inside and out on my Trophy Blue MG ZS. I used a weak bleach solution to get the glass clean then rinsed off with plain water. Then fitted new windscreen wipers.

I do not drive this car much, mainly driven by my wife but I used it to pick her up when she had a night out with her female work colleagues. She's not a big drinker but, would not want to drive the car afterwards just in case.

A few spots of rain on the way over and when I used the windscreen washers and wipers the road scum build up on the screen made it difficult to see out in the darkness for a few seconds or two until the screen cleared. Still smeary. That second or two loss of vision could be a big problem.

What a difference. The new wipers slide beautifully across the now scum free glass and my wife should be able to see for miles... :lol:

By the way, in the small hours on the ten mile drive back home after picking her up, as I crossed over J11 of the M5, a car travelling quickly came off the off ramp and tucked in behind me about 20 yards away. Hmmmm .... seen this sort of thing before. Either plain clothes cop car or some ne'er do wells up to some stroke. Been there done that.

So, with that car maintaining that 20 yard gap and following my every move, still there when I joined the ring Road. All I could see were headlights. So, I used the excellent handling and reasonable performance of the little 1.8 K-Series and took some bends and roundabouts in 'nippy' mode and was pleased to see the other car drop back. All this done within speed limits or, close to .. :) Car soon caught up and still there 20 yards away. Followed me until we were about a mile from home when on went all those flashing blue lights... :)... Thought so.

"Evenin' Sir. How are we?" Just a check to see if there's any alcohol. None found and after exchanging a few pleasantries he pointed out that my driving was a bit "brisk" and to be careful... :)... We went on our way. Have to say I was pleased to observe the very polite and considerate behaviour of both Officers. Better than merely professional.

I rarely drink as I value my driving licence and only once have I suspected I'd had too much to drink when in charge of a vehicle. That back in the 1960s when I did not know any better after an office party when riding my Triumph Motor Cycle home. I doubt anyone has beaten my point to point times from Bank in the City to Chingford before or since... 100mph+ perfectly legal of course back then. Unlike today, the roads in London were empty. :) Now full 24/7.. :(
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