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Sorry but the UK Police Forces do not give me any confidence at all. They are greatly maligned by the press and public alike and so they should be.

When did you last see a Policeman on patrol by either foot or bike - I work in Lincoln, I only see them on a rare moment when the deed has been done!

Why do the Police need ZT's when the Gatzo busters are doing the job for them. They control the motorways, A & B roads, not the plod sitting in his gleaming Omega or ZT on a roundabout. They have at their disposal helicopters and stingers to stop speeding and wayward drivers.

I say give 'em all R45's and take away their toys. Mr Blunkett you are wasting my money Sir.

Get THE PLODS to walk the streets and do some real Policing rather than hit the easy target - the sensible driver who just happens to be a soft target for the coffer collection. All these massive revenues have not been pumped into safety and education on the roads. Well I haven't seen any evidence of this as yet. Wasn't this the idea, or was it for the Chief Constables end of term knees up!


Sorry I do rattle on but the motoristist is a licence to print money.
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