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Where you live isn't the only place in the world where it is like you discribe.
Same here on the other side of the canal.

A few years back I had an accident, so I called the police ..... them b*stids couldn't come, they were busy.
A few days later I saw 3 coppers is a car 'avin a privat gay party and taking pics of speeding cars.....for those things they got time then....

And a few weeks back my girl went to work and discoverred that someone has been there during the night and took some things away....after he/she had smashed a window.
So she called the police ............................. AFTER 3 HOURS!!! them f*ckf*ces arrived and left again within 5 minutes without doing sh*t....they didn't take fingerprints even tho them thieving scum had touched almost everything!!

and I could go on and on with examples bout them dutch police being c*nts.

So you're not alone Jim ;)

(sorry for my language moderator ;) )

1 - 3 of 3 Posts