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Watch out for an announcement due in the next couple of months re the above....

...can't say any more!
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Is a "wood/leather" option available on the ZT?
Monogram ZT - not Typhoon

Nice colour - what is it?


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Is it the colour?

I think the colour is Lagoon or Celestial.

My kids want Dad to have a DVD player fitted if and when he ever changes his car. Hannah who is 9 thinks it would be:cool.
My boys have picked up on the number of 'modded' cars which have a playstation fitted.

I think that a gameboy plugged into the cigar lighter socket (when the radar detector is not in use) is a good compromise.
What Car?

The car in the piccie above is indeed an MG ZT-T+ 190 wiv High-line Navigation.

Oh, and its Lagoon.

Its got a barrel load of optional extras on as well.

Interestingly enough, the other you pictured (on your main site) is also a ZT-T 190+, this time in Chagall. If you're interested.


Thanks for that. Good to see you back. :rockon:

Which is your favourite colour?
Let me have a quick look through the swatch panels...

Biomorphic looks nice on the swatch... I think it'd probably best suit a 45 though.

That mirage is cool too... but I would say was aimed more for the ladies. Still nice though.

I've seen a Spectre 45.... and it looks absolutely fantastic!

BTW Thanks. Good to be back... I may not say much but I'm still around!:beerchug
DVD - Monogram

Yep, thought about the Glacier?

Here's the Monogram 75/ZT Roof mounted DVD screen from the brochure. If you want to know more about Monogram its all on the DiSCUS computer in your dealership. Some info here. & Monogram Colours

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