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This is a great concept - isn't it?

What other manufacturer would allow this amount of personalisation during production - Rolls Royce for one? But this is a mass producer, exciting times at MGR!

Anyone ordered a car using "Monogram"? I imagine it hasn't been publicised too greatly after being launched last Autumn, however it now looks as though the concept is now in full swing.

"So what colour do you want your ZS sir? Trophy Blue?"

"No, sky blue with pink spots, Ian!"

" OK, and the interior.....................?"

This will certainly add some fun into speccing the ZT385, later in the year - DVD for one!

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RUMBLE RUMBLE. Which super charger Sir?

Oh the 500 bhp one!

The mind boggles. Can have an LSD as well - of course - for your TRIP to Le Mans sir?

Now the seats - leather of course!

I hope Jerry doesn't go mad? But then he is anyway - about MGR! :D

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Thanks to Robin (Cerbman) who pointed out that I had missed the full MONOGRAM release:

Consequently take a look at what's new and I'll have the info on site! Looks very exciting. :D

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Dealers have Monogram info

Just to let you all know - dealers now have information on the Monogram scheme - both in brochures and on the MGR Intranet Computer system.

My dealer wouldn't let me have a copy of the brochure as there is a minor mistake on the printing. :(

I do have a page on the main site - but without the full description and colours.

However, from what I can recall from the brochure - you can actually spec a ZT with anything a Rover 75 has.

1. Many exciting new colours - description on main site (including 75 colours for the ZT - £100 extra).
2. Rover 75 leather seat options available for the ZT.
3. Coloured dashs available for the ZT as well as R75 wood effect.
4. Aftermarket options for all cars including DVD players (roof mounted on the ZT).

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Perfect Car


It means that your wish comes true - you can have a psuedo R75 interior with MG ZT wheels - suspension - spoiler - brakes - engine.

YES - the perfect car. Although I do like the MG sports seats on the ZT!

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I think this colour - Nightshade a lustrous black with blue highlights for the ZT385.

Unfortunately, I do not have the actual colours on site only descriptions. The first brochures have been withdrawn. So, if anyone has a brochure and can scan the colours would be very appreciative.

Called in"swindon Automobiles" who mentioned they were waiting for a new batch today..........

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Cheers Flip

Tiz the site from the other side. :( :(

He has made a reasonable job of copying the colours - but they are not so "Pearlescent" as that. Need to get a copy of them myself to do them justice. If you have a look at the brochure you will see what I mean - but something is better than nothing.

Unfortunately the dealers have been instructed not to give the original brochures out - as mentioned. :(

Just noticed your edit - I'm glad you agree. I've got a picture of the Typhoon car here. Larger version on site.

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Monogram Brochures

Dealers now have the correct brochures and there's a copy on its way to you by snailmail as we speak Jerry :) Should hopefully arrive in the morning.

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Brochure Arrived Safely

Nice shiny "Monogram" brochure arrived safely this morning - thanks NINJA!

Unfortunately W2000 has messed the "scanner" so can't scan the colours. If anybody can and has a brochure please send me the pages with the exterior colours on. In the meantime to give you some idea of the range I have photographed the exterior colours and will place them on site later.

Picture of the Monogram Super Micatallics is on site - I haven't done the Chromescents as I can't do them justice. :(

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