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Mk2 Express TD in Xpower grey.

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Proud owner of this mk2 Express 2.0TD bought it 22.02.14 for a little over £1000 came with private plate and parrot blue tooth kit. It's on 143,700 currently and feels like it's on a quarter of that. The previous carbon wrapped the bonnet and fitted a tuning box, I have so far fitted led side lights and numberplate lights and new headlights, aero wipers. Anyway some pics

Plenty of plans for it but for now thanks for looking.
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Im sure they would be happy to make the numbers up haha.. yeah let me know :)
Keep a eye on the bleed off pipes and the top rad hose that sits under the Turbo one, in the front centre of the engine.

Looks like you have changed the layout a bit, but with the O/E set up there is some transfer of oil onto the rad pipe and it goes soft.
I have noticed that rad hose has a bit of a flat spot where the old boost pipe sat I mightget a new hose amd sheild it to stop future rubbing.
got my new one from Rimmers, trouble is you have to buy a set of pipes to get the top hose. I'm sure you could find one that fits.

£50 odd to buy the set.
Small update

Been running round with the fmic for a few weeks now so I thought id up the boost to 1.5 bar and see how it went, safe to say it is a bit faster a bigger exhaust system and a remap needed next. Few cosmetics have been done as money is absent just now so painted my fog covers black as they had faded, and also painted the interior cream plastics and roof lining black. The rear wiper motor had seized so removed that and the rear badge was badly faded so that was also removed. Other than that not much is going on lately :/ some pics eh

Some repair to be done but other than that im still enjoying the express.
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Been a while, now over 148k on the odo and still going well few mods of late. Got some zr 17s with 4 new tyres for £100 would of cost £200 for tyres for my 16s so why not. I have also lowered it and fitted a strut brace, finally my zr seats where starting to split so I fitted some fabric rover coupe seats id say these are better.

Thats all folks
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Busy weekend just gone with ups and downs, had a mate do all the belts, tensioner, full service, new water pump. Once it was all done bled the coolant system and it ran fine, then we noticed it was dripping coolant.

By this time it was late so I decided to call it a night and went home, next day went out to find the expansion bottle empty and a damp patch under car. Thought it was either water pump was leaking or the pipe from it wasn't on tight, so whilst I was at work not working I stripped the front off to investigate.

Had a new jubilee clip put on and took pump off to make sure it still had the seals on it which it did, so topped up with fluid and ran the engine, still dripping arghh. Only other possibility was it was leaking through the water pump side and dripping down, so the seal or bearing is worn and its letting fluid past it. So threw it all back together and got some rad weld which has stopped the leak but every now and then the pas pump makes some noises so i got a new pump but as yet I cba to strip the car again. Any way I didnt get pics of the intercooler when I got it fitted so took some snaps oh loving the remapped car even more haha.

Oh I got soms brand new Apex diesel lowering springs to replace the petrol shocks and lowering springs, Much better.

Still more work as always shall update when more happens.
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