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Mk2 Express TD in Xpower grey.

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Proud owner of this mk2 Express 2.0TD bought it 22.02.14 for a little over £1000 came with private plate and parrot blue tooth kit. It's on 143,700 currently and feels like it's on a quarter of that. The previous carbon wrapped the bonnet and fitted a tuning box, I have so far fitted led side lights and numberplate lights and new headlights, aero wipers. Anyway some pics

Plenty of plans for it but for now thanks for looking.
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Welcome along. Try & keep it reasonably standard or easily transferable back with bits you may remove as these are rare beasts & will appreciate.
What model year is it - 2004 or 5? If 05 like mine then very rare!!
I'm not 100% sure what year it is might be the 04. . All I really want to do is the mg upgrades and a bit of tuning I'm missing the mesh divider but I'm not sure if they all came fitted with one. Fear not no boy racer here the wrap on the bonnet is annoying me already..
Looks a clean one that mate and for a little over a grand think you have done well . They are very rare the express I,ve only ever seen one on the road around here might see 2 now you got yours as I,m only up the road from you . :)
Ooh that's good see a few mgs about but not many. .. If you see me about beep flash lights or scream at me haha. It's fairly tidy but does require work on body and that carbon wrap has to go..
The gear change is like stirring porridge so I need to address that, have seen some kits on the bay.. my egr blank came today so fitting at the weekend.
The Mesh divider, if you are referring to the one on the bulkhead behind the seats then that was an option as I ordered it!
Ah cool.. I don't need one but if one popped up on ebay I'd buy it
So I have had the express just over a week in that time I have changed the wheels and tyres, free flowing back box, decat and a pipercross viper induction kit, egr blank and finally some rover 400 sdi injectors. What can I say it's like another car to me it has more than enough power infact in the wet you have to be ever so careful, I'd say even in the dry it struggles a tiny bit.

I have to say I love it glad I picked it over anything else.. Now usually I'd sort better brakes out before power mods but I got a little impatient and did the former.. I will be looking for some ZS180 brakes ASAP. There is some repairs needed however and some general maintenance so the list is ever growing but I don't care I'm in love. Here's a few pics

Thanks for looking, Dan.
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Looking good pal

Cheers Ian, paintwork needs a clay bar going over it and some attention to a few areas but on the whole it's not too bad
So quick update, original bonnet with the wrap on was hiding a big patch of primer so I got hold of another xpg one and got it fitted, also got some electric mirrors and fogs some more worked needed to get those working.
The biggest change is the wheels... spotted some light weight Team Dynamic Pro Race 2s at the local scrappy for £50 so snapped them up and got them fitted, these 16s are less than 8kg each. Few pics from today

Pics are edited its nowhere near as good looking in the metal haha.
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Very nice example.

Did the lighter wheels make a difference on their own?
So for the interested people on here, the lighter wheels have certainly made a difference to turn in and I've gone a 195 45 profile on the front wheels so its much lighter steer. A friend of mine did a photoshop of the van lowered :

Sits well I think need to actually do it, I will be getting some Avo springs I think anyway my fmic kit arrived today

Then this evening I decided to do a living room mock set up

I hope it works out something like that anyway I shall be fitting at the weekend but I definitely need to bead the ends of each pipe.
More as it happens :D
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Yes martin I do find the lightness has helped
I,m liking the wheels mate big improvement . And that intercooler looks very nice .
Cheers Ian I like the wheels also just got to get the side skirts on and lower it haha... intercooler should be on this weekend
Well more fighting today more chopping and more swearing but it is on and theres no leaks

Its on theres no leaks, need to do some tweaking but its not far off..

So the difference well I cant say its a massive difference since fitting, no more lag than usual and the power seems to hold on for longer... remap next.
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Keep us posted mate on how its all going I might have a drive to st Helens sometime and have a look at it if that's ok with you wouldn't mind havin a proper look and a good old chat .
Quick day time pic

Ian that sounds like a plan mate :) im usually about at the weekends send me a pm... theres an apparent meet in may have a look at the link
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Think I might go to that meet I don't use .org but suppose they wont mind me turning up . Yeah I,ll send you a pm later in the week and maybe Friday or Saturday I,ll pop down coz its a bank holiday on Friday so I,m off work see what the weather brings .
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