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Mixing different grade Oils

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I'm thinking of switching back to 10/40 semi synth Magnatec. If I drain the Mobil that's in there and refill with the Magnatec would it be ok to top up using the left over Mobil 0/40 to bring it up to level? The mobil's fully synth and they're different viscosities but would save me an extra 10 quid buying an extra litre can. Or am I asking for trouble?
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I think it will be fine. I had a mate who had a 309gti and used half diesel oil and the rest thinner petrol oil just to get the stuff used up. Ran fine for many miles.
You don't need to be as fussy as some of us make out tbh. As long as its tidy oil & is saving you a few bob its not going to cause any harm at all.
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