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Millers Oils now available at Opie Oils + free fuel treatment

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Great news - Millers Oils are now available from Opie Oils.

And as a special launch offer until Sunday 14th February 2010, we’re offering a free Millers Oils fuel treatment worth well over £5 with every 5 litres of engine oil you buy from the Millers Oils range.

Take a look at our overview of the Millers Oils range available from Opie Oils or give us a call (01209 215164) to see which Millers Oils products are suitable for your vehicle. Premium grade engine oils, innovative and award-winning transmission oils and a comprehensive Motorsport range of high performance oils with a proven race pedigree... plus fuel treatments, brake fluid and more!

To browse the range of Millers Oils products available at Opie Oils, select Car Oils > by brand > Millers Oils from the left hand menu on our web site or take a look at the quick summary of the range currently available from us.

We're excited to add Millers Oils to our product range - with 9 major oil brands available from Opie Oils, the choice is bigger than ever.

If you've any questions about the Millers Oils range (or anything else!) we're always happy to help. Give us a call on 01209 215164 or send us a PM.

oilman and the team at Opie Oils
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Hi Folks,

We've still got some stock of the free Petrol or Diesel Power Ecomax One-Shot Boost, so we're extending the offer for an extra week until Sunday
21st Feb.

So, order 5 litres of any Millers engine oil before 21 Feb and we'll send you a free Millers Petrol Power Ecomax One Shot Boost fuel treatment.
Order 2 x 5L and we'll send you 2 free and so on. If you'd prefer a Diesel One Shot Boost then please add this to the order notes at the checkout.

The Millers Petrol and Diesel Power One Shot Boost products replace and improve on their Octane Plus and Diesel Power Sport 4 products.
Both products increase power and MPG (by up to 7%), reduce emissions and clean injectors.

There are links to info on the Millers range in the post above, or follow these links for more info on the Petrol and Diesel Power Ecomax products:

Petrol Power Ecomax One Shot Boost
Diesel Power Ecomax One Shot Boost
Petrol Power Ecomax - treats 500 litres
Diesel Power Ecomax - treats 500 litres

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