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Hi guys pest and numptie of the north here.

Well I changed the cyl head gaskets, the water pump, rejigged the plumbing, fitted new radiator and condensing rad checked all lights brakes etc for mot and guess what it flew through all the obvious lol then it failed on every brake pipe on the car (The metal ones)

So I have now changed the system to copper and decided after swatting up on here and other forums that in view of the comments, reports and threads regarding the braking system I should change the flexi pipes to Goodrich braided. Just to be on the safe side lol.

Eventually got the correct ones as they sent the ones with banjo unions first and yes they were marked up 2.5 V6 MGZT

Question is can someone confirm it is the longer of the pairs which goes on the front.

Once again I would never have gotten this far without all the advice received from this and other forums so many thanks to all who have contributed to my journey


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