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MGZT/R75 v Jaguar "S"

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Called in the local Jaguar dealers in Lincoln yesterday. I do particularly like the "S". Got the leaflets and pricelists for the "S". Quite shocked at the prices and spec compared with MG-Rover's R75 and ZT. £26.000 for the base 3.0 V6 Jag and then you would have to spec it up to match the ZT/R75.

The R75 and ZT is still a bargain basement class car. Think I will stop with the marque. "X" type as far as I'm concerned is a Mondeo in drag!
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I don't think any small Jag has the quality feel of a leather clad 75.
Unfortunately manufacturers do not mention that a car will need to be specced up to match something else, although I agree that the ZT is still a great bargin compared with the Jag.
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