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MGZT 180 autosport

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I have seen the new employee price list and it appears that there is a MG ZT 180 auto sport listed does anyone know what this is?
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<snip> Ooooh I'm thick. "No such thing as an Autosport" my ass.


Yes, the first 10 of these beauties arrived at our site on 1st Feb - expect to see 'em hitting the dealerships soon.

What's the current employer discount for the MG saloons and Sportscars? :)
Employee discount


The discounts vary from ****% depending on the model,
Some of the highlights are:

ZR 160 **%
ZS 120 + **%
ZT 160 + **%

So some good discounts!! I've ordered a ZT 190+, should be ready in next few weeks, can't wait

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Autocar reports today that a ZT180 Auto goes on sale for£20.995

Just noticed your post - I've just started another post on the ZT forum!

Mike - great discounts! What does the ZT190+ work out at?
The cost of the 190+ is just over 19K. which is alot of car for the money
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