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mgzs 2.5 v6 how much???

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how much for a 52 plate 82000 on clock needs a little tlc any ideas as seen one and are intrested?
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Have the belts been done, can cost £500 - £900 odd depending where you go. Service history???

If it needs tlc, not been loved much, so what else hasnt been looked after.

Any MOT, Tax, look on Autotrader, Ebay, Gumtree.

Prices from sub £800 up to whatever people think its worth. The cars are now changing hands, more on how well they have been maintained and cared for.

Vis motors OK?? Manifolds, clutch OK, only way is go for a drive in a few, specially a well sorted one so you have something to judge the condition of this one.

Go in low, as you can always go higher, best of luck with it.

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yea thx all 3 belts been done new clutch 3mths ago slight nocking noise on start up for about 2 mins then quite rus well little bit of claning required asking 1500 ??
Forgot the thermostat housing, these tend to weep, think you have to look in the top of the V. If it looks like an orange stain you have to change the housing. Bit of a job, but not impossible. just have to look out for the fuel "O" rings.

Plenty of help on here, if you go for it.
i would sell mine for £1500 :)
Knocking noise at start up may well be low oil, old oil or wrong oil.
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