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Ed Clarke catches "CARS" TF on test!

Ed Clarke, manages to take some shots of the TF being tested for "CAR" magazine parked alongside his MGF and uploads the photos to Rob Bells site. :)

See: for the full story.

Thumbnails of his comparison photographs below.

To be honest after reading the "publicity" material from MGR, I find the car to be very similar physically to the outgoing "F". Clearly the real money has been spent on its underpinings!
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now iv'e seen them side by side i think i prefer the F, or to put it another way,i wouldn't crawl over your trophy to get to the TF :D
but then, i'm not in the market for a 2 seat sports car so my opinions count for nothing!
I thought that it was interesting that a full 12 pages are, apparently, going to be devoted to it in March.

It must be a very good drive!
Some nice pictures of Sophie Ellis Bextor revealing her "eerhm" the TF on the main site!

Does look OK - front/rear - the TF that is!
Nice article in Febs Car magazine about the TF.

The article (or series of articles) is about the 40 most important cars of 2002. Very good to see th TF at number 1.

Also a very positive article about second hand MGF s.

Rates them as a very good buy and speaks highly of MG owners as being committed and careful drivers and not immature sound-obsessed kids (does this imply that the drivers of some other rag top 2 seater sports car are?).

Worth a read IMHO.

Thanks for the TIP - magazine bought! Will give my views later!
CARS "TF" appraisal

Opening para:

The MGF had the publicity profile of a firework: it launched with a bang, rose gracefully into view, cascaded coloured sparks, drew oohs from the crowd, then in many minds quitely faded away. It didn't help a bit that it was launched after *** bought the company and had a small roadster of its own to promote. But there's a thing, people kept buying MGF's. For six straight years it has been the UK's best selling roadster, and sales took a distinct turn for the better even as late as 2001! About half its 77,000 total sales have been here. So the arrival of a new one is a bit of an event. Especially when its enough for a new name. Ahoy the MG TF.

The whole jobs been done since MGR got its independance. Normally that wouldn't be too breathless a timetable for a few tweaks and reshapped plastic bumpes. But this is MG, and Longbridge watches move at half the rate of everyone else's so they can get twice as much done in one day....................

Final para:

I've had some good drives in MGF's, including some motorsport that was marred by ending the event upside down and hanging over a cliff. I've also cconsistrantly amazed by the fun you can have in the new MG saloons. MG has talented engineesr and in the F they've had a good starting point - so the TF drive next month might just be fireworks.
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I see that Jerry has left you the mag to read as in previous thread.

I thought that the article on second hand MGFs is also worth a read.
JLD said:
I thought that the article on second hand MGFs is also worth a read.

Currently miles from Blighty, I did upload the article to the main site. Will do so with the "F" article when I get home or Max sends it out to me!

I thought Paul Horrel (TF) article and James Ruppert (F) article wrote their articles with unusual fairness. :D
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