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Don't forget to log tonight to see MG-Lola plans for Le Mans, the BTCC plans (could there be two teams entered) as well as the Rally plans.

Can't wait. If I get hold of any material I will post it on the Forum.


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See "What's New" in the XPower Site - you will see listed the latest - MGR "Sport & Racing News" - EX257 - EX258 - EX259 - EX260.

PS. I thought "X" was away who is updating this?

Le Mans entry as Last Year. No real surprises. :D :D


The site has been updated following the large amount of Motorsport Press Releases.

The following is one I know JIM & I were waiting for:

MG’s return to the motorsport scene was heralded when the MG Lola EX257 competed at La Sarthe circuit for the 24 Heures Du Mans, in June last year. Despite atrocious weather conditions, the MG LOLA EX257 exceeded all expectations reaching as high as third place overall before eventually succumbing to the torrential rain.

The MG Lola EX257, designed and built by Lola Cars International, has been modified during the winter period with a focus on reliability and serviceability. 2001 provided a vital platform from which to learn and 2002 will see improved performance all round. It is powered by the MG XPOWER 2-litre, four-cylinder turbo unit developed by racing engine specialists Advanced Engine Research (AER). Two EX257’s have been entered into the LMP675 class in this year’s 24 Heures De Mans.
Frank Dernie, chief engineer, Lola Cars International said: "I am looking forward to Le Mans because the reliability issue we had with the engine, due to its newness last year, has been addressed. We are certainly looking to challenge the front running cars. Testing so far has shown the car to be quick and with no reliability problems to date – but that’s not to say they won’t happen!"

In response to Frank’s delight at the improvements to the engine, Mike Lancaster, managing director, Advanced Engine Research (AER) added: "2002 will give us the chance to show that the MG XP-20 engine has truly world class performance"
Whislt the team to run the cars remains under discussion, the 2001 strong line-up of British drivers – Mark Blundell, Julian Bailey, Anthony Reid, Warren Hughes, Kevin McGarrity and Jonny Kane are firmly back in the driving seats. Commenting on the 2002 challenge:-

Mark Blundell
"I am very proud to be associated with the MG name. It is fantastic to be linked with the biggest British mass car producer and to be involved in their motorsport programme. I am looking forward to leading the team back into Le Mans for 2002 and feel very confident that we can build on the performance of last year. An outright class win and a shot at overall honours are my aim."

Julian Bailey
"I’m looking forward to getting back in the car testing. It has improved as a lot of development work has been done over the winter. The engine has also had some work done on it, which should improve our performance and give us a real chance. The car showed potential last year so by building on that I think we can go for an outright challenge at Le Mans in 2002"

Warren Hughes
"Le Mans last year was a first for me –the event was so big, I was staggered by the support we received. I can’t wait to get back, hopefully with drier conditions. The car was awesome to drive - you have to be fit, committed and motivated to get the most out of it. It’s probably the best and most satisfying car I have ever driven in my career - my favourite! This year should be much better. We know more about the package and the testing done so far has been very positive. I just want get in it again - I can't wait!’

Jonny Kane
"It has been a great experience being involved with MG - a lot of fun. I always wanted to have a relationship with a motor manufacturer and the fact that MG is British is the icing on the cake. Last year was my first trip to Le Mans so I had many new things to enjoy - the track is just wild. This year now that I know what to expect outside of the car I will be able to focus even more. Testing has been very encouraging and I can't wait to get back to La Sarthe for a crack at the great race."

Kevin McGarrity
"I am really excited about my second year of racing at Le Mans and delighted to be involved with a leading manufacturer like MG. I am confident that the car will be a front runner this year. Last year was a great experience for me, as Le Mans is a very special motorsport event. The support we received was phenomenal and I am sure that this year it will be even better."

Anthony Reid
"There is no doubt that MG was a sensation at last year’s Le Mans. Recent testing has shown the car has the pace to match the Audi and the main reliability issues have been addressed. The MG LMP 675 is stunning to drive – a great car – the best sports car I have ever driven. I am very much looking forward to a great performance at this year’s race."
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