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MGR staff

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Are there any members of this community who work for MGR?

Would they be willing to share views of what is being achieved and thier thoughts on the direction in which things are going. (Without breaking any confidences)?
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my dad works at the longbridge plant and he is a PG 1, he has got a rover tourer and looking to have hopefully a MG ZT on NVO which is the car scheme he's on.

The tourer r00lz ^_^
I don't work for MGR, however I work for a major agent of them - we run demo fleets, company fleets, the vip fleets, loan fleets - total of around 2000 vehicle at any given time.

I've been with the company for nearly four years now, and have been crucial in passing information back to MGR. I was one of the very first people to see the R75 Tourer - saw it about 2 days after the Phoenix bid was successful, over at Studley Castle.

As MGR pays my salary, I'm biased. I hoped and prayed that the new board would be able to turn the company around after *** ravaged the best bits - and have been suprised at just how well the company is now doing. They've got the right people doing the right jobs, ambitious people who want MGR to succeed. I honestly think that they will return to profit sooner than we all anticipated back in May 2000 - who would have thought then that the company was going to launch a number of hot - and very popular - cars, with more just around the corner. There is also a suprise in the pipeline, however I am sworn to secrecy.
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>There is also a suprise in the pipeline, however I am sworn to secrecy.<
cant you give us a very cryptic clue?:D
MG Addict

You can't do that to us - just a teeny bit of a clue! OK let me think:

1. 4wd saloon R75/ZT. :)
2. 4 x 4 derived from R75.
3. FWD R25 replacement.
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