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On the 1st August, MGFifteen at the Heritage Museum, Gaydon, will celebrate the 15th birthday of the MGF. The event organised by the MGF Register will take a similar format to MGF10 being a one day show event. There will be camping on site for the Saturday evening for those who wish to make a weekend of it. There will be a bar on the campsite with an informal gathering taking place based around the bar and tents and after dark the Glo Car competition will take place.

Show day is Sunday and there will be four road runs in to the event. Join in the run and arrive at Gaydon in style with your fellow F’ers. We are expecting to see a lot of cars taking part in these so make sure you book for the run when ordering your tickets. The runs will be starting from the 4 main compass points surrounding Gaydon and will need to be prebooked before the day.

The North run – will start from the Tamworth services, junction 10 on the M42 (organised by the HoE region of the MGF Register)

The East run – will start from the Northampton services, junction 15A on the M1 (organised by the SMS region of the MGF Register).

The South run – will start from Abingdon, close to Kimber House, but not from the house itself (organised by the TVR region of the MGF Register)

The West run – will start from Worcester Woods County Park - off Junction 6 or 7 of the M5 (organised by the 3CMG region of the MGF Register)

All tickets can be booked through the Heritage Motor Centre web site for the road runs & the event itself.

The MGCC club code needed to get a price reduction for the road run is on page 10 in the May edition or page 90 in the June edition of Safety Fast OR page 37 of FTF18. The club code gives you the discounted road run & camping prices but these can only be obtained via the Heritage phone line 01926 287728. It will not work through their online booking system. There is no discount for the show ticket other than the advanced reduced prices.

Don't forget to check out the MGFifteen website as well to see what is happening and how you can take part – there are details on all the ways you can do that at

We are looking for 75th, 80th, 85th Anniversary models, Pre Production & 1995 registered cars to put on display. We are hoping for the largest collection of such cars at any event.

Please use the application form on the web page to enter the competitions as it really helps us when planning where everything goes and how much space to allocate etc. MGCC members get free admission to all competitions. Non members will need to pay a small entry fee.

This will be the last large scale event for a while that the Register will organise so don’t miss out.

If you need any further information you can contact the event organising team on [email protected]
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