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Hi Everybody,

Hopefully some of you will be able to help identify what is going on under my bonnet.

Noticed recently that where some kind of valve / sensor is held into one of the big fat hoses with a pair of big jubilee clips, the bit of the jubilee clip with the bolt (and sharp edges) has been rubbing against another hose and wearing through it.

To try to stop further damage, I have wrapped a bit of old carpet underlay around the jubilee clip with sparky tape. However, I want to know what each of the hoses in question are, and what the sensor/valve is.

Hopefully the attached photos explain what I mean better than my words ... The second shot is a side-on close-up shot (from the passenger side of the car) of the bit circled in red on the first shot. You can see the wear on the smaller hose and the nice bit of carpet underlay added by me. Under all that padding is a jubilee clip !

Thanks guys - any pointers as to what the hoses & valve/sensor are would be appreciated.



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