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What are vis valves?
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I have for sale a GBE Willwood big brake kit a direct fit to the zs, 110, 120 and 180

These are a 4 pot caliper so miles better than the single pot the std zs uses, the disks are 310mm so 30mm bigger than the 180.

these are a highly regarded brake setup and perform very well on track and on road, pads cost just £55 and disks when needed are around £150 for the pair, so not to costly.

I recently bought new disks and fairly new pads the disks have done 5 miles pads probably 200.

One caliper is in need of a refurb, infact i would say it wise to do both, this involves taking the pots out and cleaning them replacing the seal and putting back in, sadly one of the pots is slighty damaged but a replacement is £12 and seals are £12 all in (all 8 pots)

Grant at GBE has said a refurb would be from £50 to around £200 max worst case.

anybody who has a bit of time could take the pots out and clean them, i just want them gone.

they cost over £900 when bought new

i would like just £400 inc delivery, no offers though

to cap if you wanted to refurb these at home it would cost around 24 quid!!

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