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I am selling my ZS180 I have owned this for about 1 year love the car but it just doesn't suit my needs any more.

The car is an 02 model in trophy blue hatchback, has a full service history and i've just had it MOT'd so has a 12 month ticket and taxed until 31st october. it has just clocked over to 92,000.

It has had the cambelts done and water pump at the same time. I have replaced the wiper motor last year when I first got it, I have just put a new set of pads on the front and also has had a new thermostat fitted. it has the 17" straight alloy wheels. The heater still works on all settings.

I have not done anything to the car modification wise as not really had the time only thing I have done is change the gear knob as the original one was worn so I have put a stainless steel one in, and put a few bulbs in the switches that light up blue but thats it.

The car runs smoothly and really is a good drive I have some pictures of it if anyone is interested.

I am looking for £1900 PM me if interested.
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