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MG ZR160 Rear Bumper (Yellow)

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Anyone know where I could get a rear bumper for my MG ZR160 (Yellow)?
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lisabramwell said:
Anyone know where I could get a rear bumper for my MG ZR160 (Yellow)?
Lisa, what sort of price have you been quoted? Is it just a bolt on item!
Welcome aboard Lisa!

Two obvious questions - Whats happened to your existing one? If an accident was involved, there may be damage underneath you can't see. In which case, best to get it checked by a body repair shop.

If it fell off, you should be able to get a new one under warranty...:D :D :D

Otherwise, what do you need it for?
I reversed into a street sign! Doh! and cut a hole through the bumper and gave it a few scuff marks and dents! It is a bolt on item, and I have been quoted #140 for bumper, #120 for rear skirt, #120 labour and #80 paint totalling #460!!!
Damn annoying more than anything else! Send a request to Kernahan to see if they can beat the quote on parts! :cool:

Your dealer should give you 10% discount on parts anyway. Ask them if they've done that on the quote!

You can try getting the parts individually and getting a third party to fit them. Sorry, Lisa this is obviously what you are trying to do! :D

I've learnt something as I thought the parts came pre-painted. This was the reason the Le Mans Green cars were delayed - supplier couldn't colour match! :cool:

Kernahan e-mail [email protected]
Sounds about an accurate quote to me.. Just think yourself glad you aren't me..

Just had to have a new rear quarter panel and door skin on the ZT. With paint and labour and parts, it's just cost me 1800 quid. I did also need a new tyre though.. :mad:

Wasn't sure if you wanted me to contact my local dealer, or have you found the solution to your problem?


How long did it take them to source the parts and do the repair Nick and are you pleased with the work done?
Jerry.. 95% happy with the repair.

The actual paint job is as good as factory finish, but I've got to take it back for two reasons:

1. They couldn't find a new part for part of the door handle due to availability. They've borrowed one from another car and will change it once the proper part comes in.

2. They've not put the boot lid back on quite straight, and therefore it is catching slightly on the window seal when I life the boot lid.

They are fixing both of these for me on Saturday morning. (alledgedly).

It took them about a week to get the parts in to repair, then realised they'd ordered the bits for the wrong side of the car, and took about another week to get the rest of the bits in. They then took 5 days to fix the car.

I suppose on Point One that's fair enough (interesting it's door handles seems to be asource of complaint on the 75/ZT).

Point 2 - inexcuseable to order wrong parts - bet nobody owned up though! What an obvious mistake. Pleased that the colour match is good this is most important. Shame that you need another visit for the bootlid though.

This is one aspect of MGR that I deplore - repeated visits to the dealership when ONE would suffice! If other owners experience this treatment then down the 75/ZT will slip on the next JD Power Survey from fifth!
parts supply

As a dealer we are suffering so much with parts supply at the mo, we have got certain items on back order/pending, which go back to last year , anything from wing mirros to lock sets !
Even my next door nieghbour who some one kindly had a fight against , and req new o/s/r quarter panel, is still waiting for one !
that goes back to 11/01 !:eek:

we have been told , that its becuase of the parts change over between original and cat . but heres hoping its sorted soon !

try telling someone that there car req a throttle cable , but its due for delivery march 2003 !!!
we did trace one from another dealer !!
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