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Following the interest generated by a similar thread concerning the MG Lola EX257, I was wondering whether anybody had any reference of what Chassis Nºs were allocated to the EX258 rally cars.

So far there have been two 'official' MG ZR EX258 Super 1600 rally cars used by Gwyndaf Evans and Chris Patterson - the first one contested only the Monte Carlo Rally and carried the Registration Nº BU51HXT. This car was heavily rolled into retirement (see pic below), and as far as I know has not been used since - just look at the photo for reasons why!?

The second car has contested every rally since in the hands of Evans / Patterson, the Catalunya Rally, the Pirelli Rally, the Rally of Wales, even the British Rally Championship shakedown at Sweet Lamb. This car carries the Registration Nº BU02OCR.

Please let me know your thoughts, or what information you have managed to obtain from Gordon Spooner Engineering regarding these two cars.

I would also be interested in any news of the other MG ZRs currently competing in the hands of Tony Jardine, Rob Stone, Rob Gill, Nathan Crewe, etc aswell as any appearances by the show car.

'NobbyNobster' has already informed me that an MG ZR EX258 (in Hot Wheels livery) was on display at the London Irish Rugby match at the Madejski Statium in Reading on 16/03/02. He said there was no Chassis Nº or Registration Nº on show.

Be interested in your thoughts or knowledge...


PS - Thanks and full credit to for the photo below!


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