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MG ZR Diesel

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I own a R reg Rover 200 diesel witch is fast for a diesel and because i am a MG nut (got two MGB's one DIESEL and a MG DIESEL Montego ) i am saving for a ZRD with 17'' wheel and all the kit. Has any one got one yet and what do you think of it . Any tuning kits yet for the ZRD?
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ZR Diesel

Haven't actually driven the ZRD yets..... but all feedback from customers and dealerships around the country is very positive.

I'd say it would be worth you nipping down to your local dealer for q quick testdrive!
JE Engineering at Baggington, Coventry do some very interesting things with the L series engine, a mid range version of which was give some airing in CCC mag last year.

I've got one and I think its great, its not faster than the 160 but when the turbo comes in it feels it
Did you get the ZR+ all just the ZR and what color did you go for i can't choose between Green or Blue :confused:
I've got the + with 17" wheels and side skirts in red,when this car cleans it looks spot on, and the paint isn't extra

blues a lot more common but is still nice

Im chuffed I went for red

but at the minute im thinking of changing the car for a 4 door ZS 120 + I can get one for £11,641 with free insurance in blue
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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