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Mg Z Cars In Glasgow !!!

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Hi guys, im interested in creating a monthly MG get together in Glasgow about once a month any takers, ideas , suggestions im based in the southside of glasgow and was thinkin about a sunday night !!

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Sunday would be good but watch out for all the Neds from Strathy.. We dont want to get grouped with them by the Police.. :spank:
any suggestions where ??
as you say we dont want the police thinkin its a cruise style get together ( well not yet but 20 or 30 MGs strollin thru town would look amazing )

I mean any sunday infact if we get the numbers any night !! :beerchug if people get in touch we can organise it at fairly short notice :type:
Alrighty Willie, I usually go down to Strathy around 7 or 8pm on a Sunday night and park up at the toby cavery carpark for an hour or 2.
and have a good laugh
I'll be at Strathy tonight.. But in my Landrover.. IF you see it come and say Hi... I'll probably be at the Holiday Inn car park with my mates avoiding the Neds in the main park.

Look out for this Landrover.


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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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