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Not for sale I'm afraid.

This is some info that the owner of these models - (Mr. Dj M.) from Holland has given on another forum.

As a start, I wanted to let you guys know I'm not gona sell one. They simply must stay together, but if you offer me a 1:1 Tf I think I'll be able to let one go

I think you already know now, but these are rare. There's a dude in the USA that has two bought of the Monogram Jubilee collor and it's 99.9% sure that he and I are the only ones outsite china that own the Tf modells. As there was one seller at ebay and no other sites with the Tf can be find, it's that sure. I bought the two from the owner of this ebay store: China-Legend

To explain my choise of getting the two instead of one and the eaxact thing that happened, the following story:

Since the Tf came out in 2002 I was beginning to like this car more and more. When the 80 Years Anniversary came out, I really began to love this roadster and began to wonder why there wasn't any scalemodell of it, as it was such a beautifull convertable. It even won an election for most beautifull convertable in the world! Since 2004, the moment I begun my HBO study, I also really begin to collect scalemodells and kept hoping to see a Tf ones.

In the beginning of this year, I took the step and really started to buy some chinese dealer modells as they finnaly became afortable with prices dropping and an extra dropping because of the low dollar exchange rate back then. My first one was the Mg7 I already bought in 2007 (wasn't such a good experience as this modell is produced under low quality standards, so for example a bad paint job) and this year I started with the Roewe 750, Mazda 6 station and Outlander. These last ones came from the China legend store.

Finnaly, I thought it was February, but I saw a yellow 1:87 Tf from Ricko and imediately bought it. Really was happy for it and hoped the chinese or some else would came with a 1:18 Tf. I kept looking in the ebay store and in that periode I also thought a blue Tf would look better in the collection. So I bought that one and gave the yellow to my dad who has a collection of trains and cars in that scale. One or two days later, it already was in the end of June or the beginning of July, I found the Mg Tf in teh ebay store in scale 1:18! Man I really was happy!

The guy had of both collors five listed and as I always wanted to have this car, sice I really began to collect, I bought both collors. Unfortunetaly it was a bit more pricey then the others I bought earlier. The shippingcosts towards Holland where higher then he charged before (EMS shipping that is cheaper in China and Hong Kong then other fast post, wasn't possible towards here, but he was so nice to pay that himself the first time) and Mg's where and are more expensive. But I knew Mg's are really harder to get and with the thing I know now it doens't bother me anyways!

So because of the price I was the only one who bought them right then (A frence forum also mentioned the sale, but people found it to expensive), and as reserved the cars at Mg and he only could reserve them till the auction ended, they had the possebility by Mg to stop the rest of selling to the public. These cars are ment to promote and people that buy a real car get these as a present. Some doesn't keep them behind and you can easily get one, but Nanjing is really strait with it. So the ebayer only managed to get two later on. One was sold by a private auction and one via email contact. These ended up with the American.
There are also two other collors then the ones I have but, I have never seen them for sale. That's yellow and red as you may have seen on the topic in the Mg Tf forum.

So that's the story I think!

By the way, don't spam the ebay guy. He knows if he ever gets new ones, he has a customer and I think there maybe some others that contacted him also. So if there are some available, I will hear it as one of the first.

For the rest I'm not gona repeat averything, but as the Dutch/Belgium Mg Tf forum is maybe hard to read for you guys (I asume your Dutch is not that good), some more information can also be found here. A chinese forum I visited to show my chinese dealer cars and see some others; as not really all is for sale on ebay or anywhere else on the inernet.

And if you didn't watched the whole topic on Tf forum, go and do it!
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