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The two MG Lola EX257’s made their way to Belgium this week for further testing prior to the Le Mans 24-hour race in June. The venue was Spa, one of the fastest Formula 1 circuits in the world.

The three-day test focused on a race simulation of a 24-hour running period to examine the endurance of components and particular attention to fuel consumption and aerodynamics. A mixed climate during the testing period proved beneficial to monitor the cars reactions in different weather conditions.

Commenting on the testing:

Car No. 26

Jonny Kane

"This is the best testing that we’ve completed yet. The car ran without any major dramas, which enabled us to get the best from it. I’m very pleased and hoping it all goes well for the race."

The rear wing set-up for Warren Hughes was changed to assess the handling characteristics of the car.

Warren Hughes

"The increase in down force did a tremendous amount to settle the car into a rhythm which was less aggressive on the tyres. It enabled me to settle myself back into the car and make the best of a sunny day on a fast track."

Anthony Reid

"It was strange to be driving a touring car on Tuesday and a Le Mans car on Thursday and it took time for me to adjust. We made a series of small changes, which produced a quick and comfortable car. I also found that over a 30-lap stint we achieved a good consistency of lap times, which is so important for Le Mans. I feel more prepared for the race this year."

Car No. 27

Julian Bailey

"We spent time in the car trying to find the right balance between speed and fuel consumption. The test was most notable for reliability and the absence of unplanned stops."

Mark Blundell

"I was especially interested in the strategy surrounding the fuel consumption and have tried several driving techniques to assess the car. I’m delighted with the results."

During the test Mark was also informed that he had been elected to the board of the BRDC (British Racing Driving Club).

Kevin McGarrity

"I decided on a different approach and drove the car as hard and fast as I could. I’m very pleased with the results and in particular the car’s mechanical reliability Hopefully this means we can get much more from it during the race this year."

Will have new pictures on site at the weekend to accompany the reports!
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