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Birmingham Post, March 14, 2002

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Birmingham Post

March 14, 2002, Thursday


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New car registrations in Western Europe dipped during the first two months of this year. Despite an overall 1.4 per cent slide in new registrations to just over one million, some manufacturers still managed to make advances on the previous year.

Among West Midland-based car makers, the biggest success story came from Jaguar, where the number of new registrations was up from 3,801 to 6,821 during January and February. That represents a massive 79.5 per cent rise on the same period a year earlier.

Peugeot also made gains, up from 195,304 units in the first two months of 2001 to 218,768 this year - a 12 per cent rise.

But MG Rover showed it is still facing an uphill struggle towards gaining greater market share. New registrations at the Longbridge-based car maker fell from 20,251 at the start of last year to 18,137 this year, representing a ten per cent dip. Land Rover was also down 13.8 per cent to 10,154 units.

The figures from the European car manufacturers association ACEA provide an early litmus test to the car industry's fortunes during the year ahead.

'These figures confirm the slow start of the European car market in 2002,' the organisation said. But it stressed the fall was nevertheless 'marginal'.

The figures cover new car registrations across all the countries of Western Europe.

The overall fall masks wide variations between different countries, reflecting to a large extent their different economic conditions.

In Britain, for example, the number of new units in February this year was up 18.1 per cent at 93,515 units.

That rise reflects higher consumer confidence in the UK, which was to a degree spared the full impact of recent economic downturn compared to most of the rest of Europe.

New registrations were also up in Belgium by 15.1 per cent at 52,611 units, boosted by the Brussels Motor Show. Germany's slight 1.2 per cent rise to 239,000 last month confirms the progressive recovery of its market, according to ACEA.

But Spain saw a decline of 7.4 per cent to 108,329 units in February and France 2.4 per cent to 173,121 units - both after many months of strong performances.

Italy's February registrations dropped 12.3 per cent to 197,200.

Among the car brands as a whole, there was also wide fluctuations in fortunes.

The biggest climber for new registrations in the first two months of this year was *** Group - up 23.3 per cent to 100,277 units due to the introduction of the new Mini.

PSA Group - which owns Peugeot and Citroen - was up eight per cent, mainly due to Peugeot, with a total of 360,542 units.

Ford Group - which owns Land Rover and Jaguar - grew new registrations 4.2 per cent as a whole.

Fiat was the biggest faller, dropping 12.9 per cent to 239,083 units, with MG Rover next.

Germany's VW Group also dropped by six per cent, with 413,996 units.

Japan's brands including Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Mazda fell by 1.9 per cent in total.

LOAD-DATE: March 14, 2002

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When I first read the title I was a little disturbed. However, the sales figures for March (02) reg month should provide a big jump. Of corse Jaguar have their new JagFord Modeo/X-type just released.

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These are European figures, and we forget the fact that in the UK MGR figures rose last month, year on year, and the MG's are only just kicking in in Europe. The summertime will be a different story, especially when the TF gets going! ;)
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