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Had this emailed to me earlier today - interesting development!

MG Rover has announced a new business and marketing venture with sports car manufacturer Caterham Cars.

The partnership includes an exclusive contract for Powertrain, MG's engine and gearbox subsidiary, to supply Caterham with power components and share the benefits of investment in K-series engines.

Caterham, famous for its handbuilt Seven models, will also use MG Rover's XPOWER branding on its racing and high-performance road cars.

John Sanders, MG Rover's group marketing director, denied the partnership was a first step towards acquiring Caterham.

He said: "We think there are a lot of benefits from a commercial and marketing point of view in bringing the companies together, but remaining very much as individual car companies.

"Our contract as the exclusive powertrain supplier to Caterham opens up the potential for a much deeper relationship.

"Fundamentally, we are both in the racing business and our products share the same engines. We can, therefore, exploit the strength of the XPOWER brand to our mutual benefit.

Gordon Poynter, commercial director of Powertrain Ltd, said: "Caterham has been using K-series for over 10 years in extreme performance conditions. We are delighted that as a result of proven reliability, technology and cost, they have decided to appoint us as their exclusive supplier."

Simon Nearn, managing director of Caterham, said: "What we have here is two years of what Rover have been doing with MG.

"What is going to be new to us is that the engines they are developing for us will be exclusive. Where we had that classic supplier-manufacturer relationship, we now have a partnership."

Story filed: 14:12 Tuesday 9th April 2002

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X-Power livery on something with a power to weight ratio of those proportions.................I wont say that it must be seen to be believed because I cant see things that move that fast!

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