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Dont know if you know - but the magazine type brochure is now in Issue Two Format .

It includes:

1. The new TF.
2. X80.
3. Xpower ZT385.
4. Info on Touring Cars and Le Mans.

Worth a look!. Also remember that DiSCUS the computer system in your dealership gives you the full spec on the car you desire - which includes MONOGRAM!

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New Brochure!

I have the latest brochure "X Admin". It's very good, prefer the new X80 shots to those seen previously seen, no front shots (probably awaiting sign off). They mention a 2003 delivery date.

While MG Xpower ZED is later in 2002!

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To be honest I dont like the brochures much for a number of reasons:

I am not really interested in reading what MG race drivers think of the car , or rather MG words that their name is added two.

There are no decent quality pictures that show the exterior and interior to good effect, like you used to get in Rover brochures.

Thirdly do they have to fill the brochure with such words as hell and damn in such a school boy attempt to appear macho, or does the english nation just talk like that these days to customers.

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Dealer - I hope.

The brochure should be in the dealers now!

James - I agree the colour representation could be better. However, the detail descriptions of the product is fine!
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