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MG Car Brand to Be Rolling in US Again, Automobile Reports
PR Newswire - USA; Feb 7, 2002

Not since the 1960s, when British sports cars were a staple of American roads, has the once extremely popular MG auto brand been available to domestic auto enthusiasts. According to a story in Primedia's Automobile magazine's March issue, that is likely to change -- soon.

Jamie Kitman, the New York bureau chief of Automobile recently traveled to Cardiff, home of MG Rover Group, the British parent company, and sat down for a substantive discussion with the company's top executives. The new management is aware of the tradition the company has in the U.S. "Here in America, the MG name is still associated with the traditional English accoutrements, leather and wood, even if wood was never a visible part of the MG formula," Kitman writes.

Until recently, MG was owned by the German-based ***, which had trouble marketing the venerable British brand, eventually selling it back to British owners the Phoenix consortium, a group of investor/managers led by former Rover head John Tower. Some speculate that *** had been reluctant to market MGs in America, "a fear within *** that a truly revitalized MG might cut into sales of home-brewed money spinners, such as the Z3," Kitman writes.

The Phoenix group has no such qualms, he concludes, and, "Unless things go badly wrong, MG will return to America soon," with such sporty models as the MG ZR160 (about $21,000), a super-fast hatchback with a 160 hp, 16-valve four cylinder engine; the ZS 180 ($25,000), reminiscent of an English Acura RSX; and the ZT190 (about $30,000), which can go from 0 to 60 in 7.8 seconds, a four-door with a difference. Top of the line is the ZT XPower 500 (about $45,000), a sporty V-8 that could fill a major gap in the American market.

The new MG Rover management told Kitman that it would make a profit if it sold 200,000 cars a year, a stark contrast with standard thinking in the auto industry that sales have to be in the millions to insure a profitable enterprise. And increasingly, Automobile reports, it looks like some of those cars will be sold stateside. We can hardly wait.

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Very encouraging news indeed. Jamie Kitman writes a pretty good column in "Car" magazine and is obviously a chap with his finger on the pulse of all that is automotive state-side. Of the current Z-car range, I reckon the Americans will go crazy for the ZT and ZT-T.

Not sure what they'd make of the ZT385 with its Mustang-derived block, though. A case of taking of coals to Newcastle, I suppose...

Speaking of places in the UK, MG-R have keep very quiet about their move to Cardiff, as mentioned in the above article. Last time I heard, they were still living Longbridge in a small flat above a bookies... shurely shome mishtake!?!:eek:
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