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Max Power @ Crail.

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Who would be up for Max Power at Crail on Sunday 2nd May? Get em all lined up for a show of MG (x)power!! Anyone want to arrange a meeting place then we can have a nice wee convoy to the Base?!
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Who's going to want to just park up and who's going to want to race? As you go inot crail now they split you in two directions for racing and parking.

We might have to have two meeting places.. But I suggest (if everyone who is comming from south of crail) meet at the McDonalds on the south side of the 4th road bridge so we can arrive in convoy at crail.

Any takers???
i would be up for going. never been to crail before but i would reckon it would be a good day. not to keen on taking the car down the strip tho. hopefully have my sounds system in by then fingers crossed
I was there in feb running my punto ragged on the strip brfore i traded her in for my TF:angel Once you register for the strip they give you a number. Once you have that you are free to enter and exit the show and shine/public car park and race area. So anyone not wanting to race can park in the show and shine (main grassy area) and those not cutrrently destroying their cars on the strip can join them.

Where is the mcdonalds you are talking about?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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