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LPG MG'a will soon be on offer now that MGR has decided to build LPG compatible engines. :D
It plans "dual fuel" petrol/LPG versions of its cars powered by the 1.8 & 2.5 V6 engines - including top-of-range Rover 75's and ZT's.
LPG engines are normally slightly less powerful than their petrol equivalents, but MGR is promising identical performance on both fuels. The big attractrion is half-price running costs thanks to a Government freeze on LPG duty until 2004.

Eeven though mpg drops by about 20%, LPG represents a huge saving for anyone running the thirsty V6 models.
No cars have so far been developed, but the company hopes that stock will be available in time for a July launch.

The company estimates LPG models will carry a £1500 premium. However, up to 60% of this can be reclaimed through a Government-funded Powershift grant (

More than a 1000 gas refuelling stations are open around the UK.
Currently, there are around 75,000 LPG vehicles on Britsish roads, up from 13,000 at the beginning of 2000.

This was something I enquired about 2 years ago when I bought my 2.5 R75 - even more valid following the launch of the ZT260/385 - I would suggest!.

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lpg hmm

Obviously LPG is new to the UK.

In Australia we've had LPG for 20 years now and every petrol station bar a few in remote areas have it. It's pretty much the domain of the professional driver though - taxis all use it without exception and couriers and van drivers also use it because it is half the price of petrol or diesel. So the price is a clear advantage.

It does however have some serious disadvantages, which are why most regular drivers wouldn't choose it.

1) the tank is HUGE - way bigger than a standard petrol tank - mainly because of the extra thick walls needed to withstand the high pressue it's stored under.

2) because the tank is huge you have to put it somewhere. in most cases this would mean losing the boot. suddenly your 75 has as much room as a 25.....

3) your tank holds less LPG than a petrol one would and you get less MPG so you end up filling up twice as often.

As for LPG V8s - if you can afford to buy one you can afford to run one. why would you want it to run on LPG???
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