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Liquid Petrolem Gas or LPG is a cleaner, cheaper alternative fuel for petrol-powered internal combustion engines. It is currently the most viable alternative fuel in the UK - Cars converted to run on LPG retain the capacity to use normal unleaded petrol too, becoming dual-fuel or bi-fuel vehicles.

You will save on running costs because a litre of LPG costs as little as half as much as a litre of unleaded. The government has capped tax on LPG until 2004.
LPG conversions can cost as little as £1000 for an older car, but a manufacturer-approved conversion adds between £2000 and £2500.
On cars less than one year old, up to 75 per cent of the conversion cost may be recoverable through Powershift, a government initiative.
LPG can result in a slight drop-off in performance - typically five per cent, which is barely noticeable on the road.
The big problem is there are so few refuelling stations in the UK. However, petrol companies are planning to add more outlets in the near future. BP, for instance, says it will add around 300 in the next 'four to five years'.

Once thought about this for the 75 - has anyone done it to a ZED TEE or 75?

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I think I have a link on site to LPG conversions - will check.

Powershift is a government backed outfit.

5% only when using LPG.

Makes LR Discos/Range Rovers sensible.

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I've just been quoted £1880 + VAT for an LPG conversion on a KV6 (ZT 190).

At the moment it does not attract the powershift grant, but the 1.8 K has 60%.

This is for a Powertrain product, who run an LPG converted 190, and get only 1mpg less than for petrol.

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