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Autocar report the same - so there's no smoke without fire.

They also featured a JPS (blacK) coloured Elise with Gold wheels - looks great!

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Diesel fuel contains more energy for every gallon than petrol. Also diesel engine are far more efficient at converting the fuel to power at the crankshaft instead of turning it into heat.

As far as I can remember diesels can be about 45% efficient or more, converting nearly half the fuel into energy the rest is wasted as heat. This compares with about 30% on the best petrol engines.

An article I read expressed it as horsepower per gallon.
A four stroke petrol engine produces about 15 hp/gallon.
A diesel about 22 hp/gallon, both engines non-turbo.

What diesels don't like are high revs, typically 4,500 rpm is maximum for a modern diesel.

Petrol engines will rev too much higher speeds than this allowing more fuel to be burnt and more power to be produced.

Now if someone can make a diesel engine that can rev as fast as a petrol engine you straight away have an engine that is about 15% more powerful. Maybe this is where they are going.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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