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Locking Vinyl XPF Sticker Thread

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Going to Be easier for Daz to have his orders in one place :)

2 x XP Green
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is the x power green the same colour ur decals are bud
is the x power green the same colour ur decals are bud
I believe so bud
I believe so bud
does dazzer have any silver/light grey vinyl, since he doesnt have the chrome/holographic stuff?
Yes mate he can do pretty much any you like.
can i have 2 blue XPF with zr silhouette!? plz
I am going to keep this thread running so the list builds up then do a mass cut in one go.So anybody who wants stickers add your name to the list .
kane wants two baby blue ones plz
2 orange ones for me :)
Any more takers for the zr style stickers.The list hasnt been added to in a while so will look at getting these cut soon.
can i have two white ones please if i havnt missed the deadline
I am doing a mass sticker cut run tomorrow so anybody that has posted so far will have a pair of stickers cut in the colours asked for .I will pm each person regarding payment.
payment sent!
Thanks mate yours James's and Dans will be posted monday ;)
Celtic k8 paid and will be posted tomorrow
Lukeus101 paid

This leaves
Jon160,Kane still to pay
can i have 2x red ones and pick them up at fast show? :D
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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