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After all these years going to Le Mans - I've never bought a race programme. Come to think of it I don't think I've ever een one. They must exist, I know the local papers keep you updated.

Reason for asking, is that someone who provided a great shot for the KnightHawk sub-site asked me to get one.

I will of course, but do they exist? Or have I always been in a "state" to notice them? :D

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Putting light on the subject

Jerry - Le Mans always print a good quality Race Programme but unfortunately in French and not English or German translation. Needless to say I have every race programme for every race attended i.e 86, 88,89,90,98,99,00 and 01. Had planned to go to the 87 race, but that's another story where I'm sure Mr Flint Snr can explain in detail! The other years were missed due to children and minding them. The wife wouldn't let me have my cake and eat it!

Le Maine is a good daily paper which is sold on the circuit and is printed twice during the race. Start, mid point and finally the following day with full results. Mainly in French but a couple or three pages in English text.

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