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What are vis valves?
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still got a fair few bits for sale, and a few bits that might be for sale if the right money is received.

Rover 45 headlights with the clear indicators, highly sortafter and a brilliant mod, as pictured here £50

ZS 180 Saloon rear spoiler in Trophy blue (large type) -£200 delivered now £150 delivered

Avo Coilovers, in fair condition a couple of knobs are stiff to turn but do turn, no knocks or bangs and stifen as they should.. these are somthing im not sure if i will sell of not so im after £200

Zs Slave Cylinder good working order ideal as a spare -£25
Zs master cylinder good working order ideal as a spare -£25

ZS 180 Saloon Piper s/s exhaust with 3 inch rolled tailpipe and s/s center, section, new last year cost £400 odd quid, dosnt rust or rot so very good to maintain, frees up a few bhp and sounds awsome £150

ZS clocks 95k on them, ideal for a bulb conversion etc - £20

ZS mk2 indicator lenses - £15 delivered inc bulbs

ZS 180 inlet plenum, again another thing that i would probably rather keep but £200 would take it away, perfect working order, no rattles, and full operation of valves

zs 180 induction kit, inner wing filter kit, with breather filter, has a brand new filter on the end.. no pics right now but its not hard to work out.. £120 quid delivered

two sets of fogs lights, can split £20 pair

will do for now!! all items plus Postage

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The gearing will be wrong for a 110
Gearing is almost identicle to the 110 but the PG1 wont fit a 1.6 without lots of custom work.

Rover used the same gearing on almost all their cars, the ZS180 has the same ratios as the 1.8 MGF!
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