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Lap of Bedford Autodrome GT circuit

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Hey all not sure if anyone seen my thread on other forums so thought id stick it on. Nothing to exciting really just thought id take me MG on a trackday for a crack but i must say was very surprised how good the car was. I have a Evo VII RS Sprint and a Escort RS2000 which are full track cars but the good old MG was a blast. Didnt do nothing much to it really other than AVO springs, rear camber plates, Mtec grooved disc's, EBC Yellow stuff pads and motorsport fluids. Cars done 118k so wasnt to sure what would happen but as said she went without a hitch and even the Avon ZZ5's held up well all tho the Pads were only good for 3-4 laps before they over heated. Anyway heres a flying lap of the GT Circuit @ Bedford Autodrome
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