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The Birmingham Post - United Kingdom; Apr 17, 2002

Flag waving and cheers brought an MG TF 160 off the production line at Longbridge yesterday.

But the car was special and was MG number 1,500,000 built since the marque started in 1924.

The Jubilee gold-coloured MG TF at the centre of the celebrations was the one millionth roadster to bear the MG name. A total of 500,000 MG saloons have been built since 1926.

Ken Howe, chief executive of MG Rover, said 50 MG saloons and roadster types had contributed to make MG a respected motoring brand.

The event was taking place at a time when MG was at its strongest and most exciting with the introduction of the MG ZR, ZS and ZT range and it also commemorated the Queen's Golden Jubilee.

Mr Howe said the roadster would take part in a motoring cavalcade in London on June 4 and before then would be used to raise money with the proceeds going to one of the Queen's nominated Golden Jubilee charities.

Chris Bowen, operations director of MG Rover, said the production launch of the MG TF had exceeded expectations.

'We are working the maximum amount of hours allowed under our flexible working time agreement and the production line is running at full tilt with a production rate of about 430 cars each week,' said Mr Bowen.

'Moving from zero production to where we are now took us six weeks. A normal ramp-up would take two months.

'This quicker ramp-up has not affected the quality of the build - we know the car insideout.

'In terms of training this is done in the real surroundings of the production line and not in the prototype shop., This also comes with work evaluation.

'The European launches are now completed and sales are going well.'

To single out its special production significance the car is registered MG020TF

The Scarlet one returns...
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Congrats to MGR :D

But, it's a bit odd that the 1.5 millionth MG off the production line is also the 1 millionth Roadster, meaning that there have been exactly ½ a million saloons.

Methinks they have jigged the figures a little... :rolleyes:
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