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Janspeed 'Dyno Day' 08/10/11

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Right guy's, I have today been in touch with John at Janspeed to try and arrange a car club outing at Janspeed for a 'Dyno Day'. Further information can be found here

Basically, they require a minimum of 10 cars and would be £30 for two runs on Rolling Road. Regarding payment, they have said easiest method would be for driver's to pay cash otherwise an alternative method would need to be required to collect payment i.e. deposits etc. Having never planned a club event before on forum, better judgement would need be discussed.

I have provisionally arranged this to take place on Saturday 08 October 2011 in the hope that this would attract more people to take part. Times would be from 9am to around 1pm (subject to total numbers)

Address is;
Castle Works, Castle Road

Telephone 01722 321833
Fax 01722 412308

You all know how this work's by now, so please add your name to the following list:

1. ChrisZR160 (theMGZR)
2. logik (theMGZR)
3. Ashas_ZR (theMGZR)
4. AaronG (theMGZR)
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I was about to sign up to this as I have not rollered my current car, checking my calendar I see some inconsiderate baffoon has planned a wedding (to which I am invited) for that day.
Ha ha, already thought of that but midlands is out of range ;)

If the groom is reading this, I definitely didn't even remotely consider nipping out to get my car rollered.
I take it there is no point asking for interest in another attempt? Especially not this year. It is very saddening when someone goes to the effort and then it falls through. If there is interest in another try I might volunteer to contact JS but it would be a case of taking deposits first*.

Anyway I will get a plot as part of the remap if I ever get round to it.

*Also swapping my piper backbox for the xpower one. I phoned janspeed to discuss manifolds and the guy was NOT impressed when I said I had a piper fitted. Lol.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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