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James Hunt - A Man's Man

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James Hunt was my boyhood hero. As far as I was concerned the bloke walked on water. He was a driver from a different era who was a real character. Smoked, regularly had sex with a host of different women, didn't give a stuff about how the press perceived him or for that matter sponsor corparate hospitality. He wasn't slow in coming forward!

Anyway I was reading in MotorSport lastnight about a funny story about THE MAN. He was reputed to have taken off his clothes in a pub in Watkins Glen, Upper New York State after winning the US Grand Prix. Needless to say he was drunk as a skunk.

I really can't see the likes of Coulthard etc celebrating a victory in this manner today, can you? That is the period when the Sport was litered with characters and not robots as is the case today.
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I remember seeing a picture of James before a Grand Prix. On his overalls, amongst all the sponsors logos, was a patch with the following phrase:

SEX - The breakfast of champions!

Quite a character, indeed. :cool:

Hunt may have been a man's man, but for me Grahem Hill had the edge, a real cavalier attitude to life.
Jim is right!

Well Jim old son!

During James Hunt's heyday in the Hesketh and the Macca M23C has my fondest memories. To hear that Cosworth V8 popping and banging and then Hunt giving it what for - maybe after a night out and then driving on the ragged edge. Seeing that Black Helmet with the Green scarf blowing in the wind in a White car, financed by Hesketh, designed by Bubbles and resplendant in the Union stripes was a Boys Own dream.

Slightly off topic about 5 years ago I had a VFR750 (my bike phase) anyway I was out and about when I came upon a couple on a Hesketh bike. We had a chat and hes said he was toddling up to Lord Heskeths place to get something for his bike. I said would you mind if I tagged along? No.

Well, would you believe, there was this guy in what would once be the stable complex still building Heskeths. We talked for ages and it turned out he had been outsourced to design and build the Triumph 955 bike frame (could be wrong on the model). Very intriguing!

Back to topic, during the later days of the 1970's Britain actually used to host TWO grand prix, until those idiots from the FIA want to controll all the racing. then Max and I went to all the races and even abroad. I remember my brother and I even went to practice days, when the wasn't a corporate tent in sight!

Anyway, I hope james is having a good time where ever he is, For me a very sad day when I heard of his death, not only a brilliant driver, tennis player and F1 commentator!
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I never saw Hunt drive but can imagine what it must have been like.

Britain also hosted 2 GPs in the early 1980s, the British at Silverstone and the European at Brands Hatch.

Many teams now no longer with us......Toleman, Spirit, Alfa Romeo

I'll be getting all nostalgic next,
My father went to school with Mike Hawthorn.:)
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