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It is a real sportscar - honest

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One or two pupils at the wifes school seem convinced that her ZR is really a R25 with some bits of plastic added and some aloys.
Usually the reason that they think this is that their dad says so.

One or two have been taken to sports fixtures etc and are instantly converted, others don't understand until they hear the engine, then they are convinced (dont ask how they know - you wouldn't want to know).

The message is gradually getting over.

If we can make the youth aware of the marque we will have the basis of a long term future.
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You are so right - the current generation of kids are so ***-Audi-VAG-MB orientated while Rover was laughed at. But let me say that going into London today, it was the MG "Zeds" that stand out and look great. God there are so many ***'s on the road that they look positively boring.

As you say John, it's all down to perception - start 'em early. Plus lest we not forget, the product has to be good - which it is! Even the older R45/ZS is a great car - built better and more technically advancedx than the Honda counterpart and now even more so!
Youth awareness!

Can I just point one thing out? I'm 26, have worked with MGR for 4 years, and love the product - 'specially the new ones!!
MGR has the ability, I just hope they get the support they deserve.
MG Addict

Any jobs for a 45 year old - who is also extremely patriotic, close the edge or paraonia?

I'll dust off the CV - will 11,000 hours flying in the military or B747's count. :(
im only 17 so i call myself youth lol i can assure you i can tell that a ZR is totally different to a Rover 25 and not just a few pieces of plastic put here and there :D
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