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Looking at the 3 pics, what we see from left to right, is the 25 revamp on the left and centre due early next year, and the one on the right is the 45 replacement. The one on the left is the more accurate so I am told.
The 25 will have revised panels, an adoption of the MG "Face" as seen on the TF and X80 on the front with the Rover variants retaining the grille. the headlamp units look the same as the TF, but the casings may well differ. A through going over of the chassis is in order, and the new generation PSA diesels will also take a bow in these models.
Then we come to the 45 replacement.
This is now certain to be a "go it alone" development, utililising a heavily modified R75 platform, with shorter overhangs, and development is already in an advanced stage. This will yield a multitude of variants, inc. a proposed Scenic-esque MPV, not to mention all the usual derivatives, to maximise cost returns from many niches. Some rumours abound that this could also herald the return of the "Austin" brand for some markets, on the base models.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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