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Is this the new 45?

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Is this the new "45". Pictures of the proposed 45 replacement , I have managed to see! Codename RD60!

Pictures supplied by Kevin! I have another from James I will add later.

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although thats just a autocar impression of what it might look like,you can see a slight resemblance with the light clusters on the new TF.if it does turn out like that i will be very happy.

I always thought that the red 45 replacement in Autocar looked more like a first class restyle of the 25! They also ran the blue picture later as well as What car. I dont know where the green one came from - found it on a website know as MG Xtra or some name close to that.

Do you think both Rover and MG should have similar lights , or should MG have the projectors and Rover keep the twins?


Ps love the new forum - and much more contribution than before
Looking at the 3 pics, what we see from left to right, is the 25 revamp on the left and centre due early next year, and the one on the right is the 45 replacement. The one on the left is the more accurate so I am told.
The 25 will have revised panels, an adoption of the MG "Face" as seen on the TF and X80 on the front with the Rover variants retaining the grille. the headlamp units look the same as the TF, but the casings may well differ. A through going over of the chassis is in order, and the new generation PSA diesels will also take a bow in these models.
Then we come to the 45 replacement.
This is now certain to be a "go it alone" development, utililising a heavily modified R75 platform, with shorter overhangs, and development is already in an advanced stage. This will yield a multitude of variants, inc. a proposed Scenic-esque MPV, not to mention all the usual derivatives, to maximise cost returns from many niches. Some rumours abound that this could also herald the return of the "Austin" brand for some markets, on the base models.
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Forgot that the 25 revamp was so soon, looks good however. Will have to seperate the pictures accordingly. PSA diesels have always been good powerplants.


Thanks for the comments :) , her indoors doesn't know the cost of this internet stuff, however. Although, I think it's worth it, especially if I can spread the word and at the same time offset some costs with sponsorship!


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I will get Jerry to upload the pictures to the correct "Gossip" page on site when he come home!

James 'tis my not so humble opinion that projectors and teardrop lights are the scourge of modern car styling, and that MG-R should stick with the twins throughout the tin top range. The red picture resembles an out-size Ka, yuk yuk.
whilst reading the motoring section in the sun today,ken gibson wrote that the new ZS/r60 may make a appearance at the Geneva motor show in march.
kevin neal said:
ken gibson wrote that the new ZS/r60 may make a appearance at the Geneva motor show in march.
Where does it all stop - I can't believe tha pace at Longbridge? Amazing, I guess it'll be like the X80, a composite hack to view public opinion before the final "sign off". Or shock, horror will it be a runner?
I think we are obviously looking at a pre-prod teaser, but with some almighty clues..........;)
That must be it - won't belong before the spy shots are out too!

Strike 2 - is this image more like it?
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I think they look great. If they use the 75 floorpan and keep the virtues of strength giving superb refinement, they will be onto a winner if it is well priced.

Towers and co. certainly know what they are doing.

If this car makes the grade the press will embrace it and the public perception of the brand should soar.

I have noticed that the press seem to have improved since MGR formed. I know they are still bad sometimes, hitching different priced cars head to head, and failing to include them sometimes when they should have been in group tests, but I feel it is much improved on before when they got a slating whatever.

I suspect that the 75 will get a reworking at some point to remodel the front to match up.


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TCV concept at Geneva in Car magazine

April's Car magazine arrived this morning.

Page 22

"'Exceptionally Practical Concept' re-interprets Rover brand.

MG Rover is lookiong to the future of the Viking longship with a brand new concept car, which makes its debut at the Geneva motor show. Dubbed the Tourer Concept Vehicle (TCV), it re-interprets the Rover brand as 'combining luxury style and driving enjoyment with exceptional practicatlity and adaptability'. It's the first time a Rover-badged concept car has been made public since the CCV-coupe in 1986.

Despite the expectations, the appearance of the TCV won't be accompanied by the long-awaited announcement of production partnerships, MG Rover suggests talks with China Brilliance and India's Tata are 'under way and positive' but without conclusion.

Rover won't say what the TCV is based on, but describes it as an 'upper medium car, slightly shorter than a 75 saloon. Despite the extra ground clearance, beefy tyres and SUV-ish body cladding, this isn't a 4x4 - presumably a consequence of ***'s deal to sell off Land Rover.

The TCV has very flexible load-lugging abilities. The three-section rear seat folds flat, level with the load bay, as does the front passenger's seat. The result is that items up to 3.1m long can be housed. Seats can also be folded into 'table top' mode. the centre rear seat squab can be swapped for 'slot-in' modules including a child seat or fridge/food warmer.

A wide-opening rear hatch is supplemented by a drop-down bumper and a removable boot floor. With no spare wheel, this creates an 'exceptionally' deep cargo space capable of swallowing a front-loading washing machine in an upright position. 'The TCV shows the kind of all-round versatility and luxury that we believe a Rover should offer,' says Rob Oldaker, MG Rover's product development director."

4 pictures are included with the following captions:

"Itchy Nose

Perhaps the TCV's weakest aspect, the nose is modern but unoriginal. Grille seems to still be providing problems for designers. Ironically, it was re-introduced onto Rover's a decade ago.

Deep Space Boot

No spare wheel and (it seems) side-mounted exhaust silencers allow central section of floor to be dropped right down. Holds a washing machine standing upright, for a clean getaway.

Swedish Modern

Rear looks clean and modern. Hints of Scandinacvian chic about the Saab-like tail. Rover's Viking badge was a Scandinavian talisman, promising 'safety over long journeys'."


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From the description sounds interesting - can anyone scan the pics?
Autocar 13 March

Bob Murray in Autocar writes.

MGR is still on target to replace the 45 by early 2004 even though the company failed to make the expected announcement at Geneva over how it would manage it.
The silence means that what the new car will be based on and powered by, where and by whom it will be sold and which car company will become MGR's business partner remain unconfirmed.
"Everything has to be decided in the next few weeks about the new car," said product chief Rob Oldaker.
He said that when an announcement is made everything else would become clear.
Currently, MGR is talking to China car maker Brilliance Holdings and Indian firm Tata about partnership arrangements.
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