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Instant Kudos

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Talking with my wife (she of the ZR) we have both been amazed by how much kudos we have with the pupils at our respective schools once they discover that we own an MG.

Girls are least impressed, 2 seats would be different, but boys (especially those who I took to a sports fixture) become transfixed and change from normal teenagers into pupils who hang on our every word (at least at times).

MG - it can change more than your life
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It's up to you now to take them out at break time, show them the car, and let them have a sit in it (If you can trust them!), impress on them some of the heritage of the brand, (and don't forget Rover) and let them be aware of the recent struggles when it so nearly went under. Set up some kind of competition to get them to spot Z's when out in the car with the parents, (which will make them think about the product) and stick a few of the A5 brochures in the library. Gaydon stock a wealth of historical videos and AV aids to aid you!

As they grow older, we will see fads and fashions evolve and those children of today will be the adults of tommorow who will seek alteratives to the French and German cars they are ferried around in today. To plant a seed in their minds at this stage is possibly the most valuable thing you can do, far, and away beyond the reach of any marketing dept and certainly very satisfying.;)
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The word is spreading.

Now even parents, at parents evenings, functions etc, are saying'excuse me but are you the teacher with the MG that my son/daughter keeps talking about'.

If only they showed this commitment to their studies! ! !
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