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In Need Of Help Anyone ?

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Just thought i would start this thread !

Any one needing an insiders view as it were, feel free to message me.

I will always try and help if not i know lots of men that can !;)

That is as long as i dont get into trouble for doing so !

catch ya soon :)
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Thanks should be good value. Recalls, mods, part location, servicing etc - spring to mind!

High. I bought what was Jerry's R75.

I am having a problem with a heavy rattle from the drivers door window glass. If you pull the inner door panel inwards, or drop the window a couple of inches it stops.

It you push the window gently outwards behind where the door lock is it gets much louder. - as it does when you lake left turns. Seems as though the rattle is when the window is pushed outwards!!

I can see that the car has had a bit of work done in the door before!! Probably by Kernahans!!

Did it have a new regulator or window motor????? Why did it need this???

Any ideas about the rattle??? It is a pain as the car is so quiet that it sounds very loud.

Interestingly enough, the rattle disapears completely if we have rain!!!

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There has been a lot of talk of having cars remapped to 'Police Mode'.

Is it worth having done, any drawbacks ?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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